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Hi. I’m still here.

Thought I left, didn’t you? I didn’t, I’ve just been submerged underneath a mountain of school work.

But, I’m free! (Kinda)

So, donuts. Yum. I’ve never made donuts before. I guess the thought of frying something kind of scared me. Not any more. It’s easy.

My house smelled like donuts for a view days, though, but who minds that? I love donuts. And I love the donut smell.

I chose a pumpkin donut. Since it’s fall and all, I felt like I was indebted to honor the season. Although I like the donuts, without the maple glaze, these donuts would lack flavor. Not enough of that pumpkin punch. They aren’t sweet by themselves, which was nice, but I wanted to taste more pumpkin when I ate them, instead of just the glaze. Perhaps some pumpkin spice will be added next time. Experiments abound.

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