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So, a milestone: my first blog entry. Now, what does one do when they create a blog? Well, they Google themselves of course. Why? Because I’m cool like that (yeah, so cool..). Unfortunately, I am not as creative as I thought, as there are about fifty other “Katie’s Creations” type blogs out there (fail). Go figure.

Well, as far as I know, I am the only one involving food. And that’s a win, right?

Enough of my rant. Let’s talk brownies. Good brownies. I’m talking dense, fudgy, dark, rich brownies. These are not your average brownies. Why? Well, for one, they aren’t brown. And if you are used to that “boxed brownie” sweet taste, these brownies will change your mind. In fact, they’ll blow your mind. In fact, you’ll be converted forever. You’ll be craving these brownies like crack at one in the morning when you can’t sleep. You’ll be stuffing your face and swearing at me for introducing you to them.

Well, you may not go that far. But, they are good.

To get that rich, dark color, you need to use the darkest cocoa available. It should practically look black. I bought mine at an Amish Store whose name escapes me, but I’m sure any specialty goods store will carry dark cocoa.

Now, as a warning, these brownies aren’t that sweet. This brownie has a rich, subtle chocolaty flavor with an underlying aroma of butter. I was told they kind of taste like a huge brownie Oreo. Whatever works.

Because I used such a dark cocoa when making these, I did add a tad more sugar. I found that without the extra sugar they were devoid of that sweet taste you look for when having a brownie.

Please, go bake these. Get a nice, tall glass of milk, cut yourself a huge hunk of brownie, and enjoy.

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